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Taking photos to celebrate couples came about organically, as did all of photography for me.

I shoot with the same Nikon camera that my father gave me when I was 14. Before me, the camera had been a gift to my mother 20 years earlier when they were leaving for vacation in Italy with my 1 year old big brother. I've tried other cameras, but never felt the same connection and confidence like I do with this one. When I thought my camera was slowing, I cried knowing that it would be the end of me taking photos. Fortunately, I found a trusted camera specialist that keeps it healthy and so I'm able to continue shooting, exclusively, with this camera. 

In general I speak too emphatically; I feel it inhibits my words from carrying the weight I intend for them. Taking photos helped solve this for me, for I feel each photograph is fully dipped in a bath of my unfiltered wonderment of the person or people beyond the lens. Each moment was carefully coaxed, waited for and then captured - only when I felt the absolute most. Film photography has that one shot spirit to it. You have to honor the fact that film is expensive, moments are fleeting and you have to choose what will be kept permanently. I wait for the shot that someday you will proudly show your grandchildren because it shows you at your best and most alive - it is how I see you. 

After shooting for a while for pure self expression, friends started requesting photos for their bands, graduations, families, and now weddings. Whether it is a long time friend or someone I have just met doesn't matter - any amount of time together feels intimate, I feel invested in you and I think you'll find it shows in the photos.


As for the couples preparing for and celebrating their weddings - we'll laugh a lot, I'll help you feel easy in front of a camera and I'll also catch ya when you're not looking. Digital photography can be amazing for accomplishing a shot list, but if you're willing to trust me then I think together we'll turn unexpected moments into memories that you can revisit forever. 

My first wedding was for my friends Mallory and Ben Goldman. We enjoyed our time together so much and the products of it that Mallory and I decided to partner up. I take the photos and Mallory is the brains behind everything else.


For inquiries and to schedule engagement and/or wedding photo sessions please contact Mallory at:

See below for photos from the Goldman engagement shoot and wedding. 


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