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Sophia Smith captures an uncomfortable initiation to kink, exploring intimacy and communication with comedic consequences

Sophia Smith considers kink, consent, and intimate trial and error with uncomfortable consequences in short sex-comedy Mommy. Capturing the less-than-instant chemistry between its two leads – played by Nell Sherman and Roby Attal – the film follows a workshop-style initiation into the fetish world, as a bad date progresses to an awkward sexual encounter.

Contemplating the role of communication and vulnerability in deepening connection, Smith explores the ongoing push and pull required to find a positive path within awkward intimate moments – here, as its characters navigate the dos and don’ts of mommy play.

“The media tells us that we need to be a perfect communicator. But in reality, communication can be messy– especially in situations like sex. There is so much humanity and comedy in that unbridled honesty as you fail your way through a conversation until you reach your solution together.”

Highlighting the uncontrollable humour within jarring exchanges of a sexual nature, Mommy observes the finer nuances of hookup culture, and how mature conversation can offer an imperfect escape from messy interactions implicit to the human experience. " - Nowness

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